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Meet Ariel Tucci

I’ve been a part of the beauty industry as a hairstylist and makeup artist for over 20 years. This journey has always been about the magic of transformation and the art that comes with it.


Expertise in Hair Coloring and Makeup

My craft is deeply rooted in hair coloring, cutting, and formal styling, enhanced by my role as a Goldwell “color specialist.” I bring a palette of unique skills to the table, specializing in custom dimensional hair coloring, Invisible beaded row hair extensions, and permanent makeup techniques like powder brows and fine line tattooing.

My Experience

Traveling across the US and internationally, I’ve immersed myself in advanced training sessions that have broadened my capabilities. These experiences have allowed me to amass a wide range of certifications, ensuring I bring the most current and innovative techniques to my clients.

Me as a Person to Interact With

My professional journey is built on creating meaningful connections and boosting my clients’ confidence. I’m passionate about sharing practical and efficient home styling methods, enabling you to maintain your salon results long after your visit. Good customer service is at the heart of what I do, aiming always to deliver the best possible experience.

Why Get Your Hair and Makeup Done by Me at Ambiance Salon in Clifton Park, NY

Choosing me for your beauty needs means you’re not just getting a regular hair salon service; you’re being taken care of by someone who values the importance of feeling confident and looking great. Clients leave happy, equipped with tips and tricks to maintain their look at home, and confident in the knowledge that they’ve received top-tier service.


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