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Ambiance Salon stands for a unique blend of high-quality work within a welcoming, laid-back environment. Our hair salon and spa is more than just a place for beauty services; it’s a community where clients feel at home, encouraged to form bonds with any of our stylists, reflecting our belief in teamwork over individual accolades. We foster a culture where the luxurious meets the comfortable, breaking the mold of the traditional, rigid high-end salon experience.

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Our Story

A Decade of Elegance and Innovation – The Ambiance Evolution.

Ambiance Salon’s journey began with a simple yet powerful vision: to create a haven where the art of hairstyling meets the comfort of home. Founded on the principles of excellence, education, and teamwork, our salon has grown to become a beacon of luxury and warmth in the heart of our community. Our story is one of passion, dedication, and the belief that beauty is best nurtured in an environment that celebrates collaboration, continuous learning, and genuine connections. From our skilled stylists to our cherished clients, Ambiance is more than a salon; it’s a place where every visit is an experience, every service is a masterpiece, and every client is family. We invite you to become part of our story, where your beauty and comfort are our highest priorities.



Ambiance Salon was founded in Loudonville, marking the beginning of a new era in luxury hair care.


New Location

After three years of remarkable growth, we moved to a new location in Latham Farms, expanding our services and team.


Beginning Of A New Era

October 2021 We Acquired our current salon space in Clifton Park, setting the stage for our most ambitious chapter yet.


Our Current Salon

Officially opened our doors in Clifton Park, unveiling a fully renovated space designed to embody our ethos of laid-back luxury and unmatched top-notch hair and spa services.

The Team

Our Stylists

At Ambiance Salon, we pride ourselves on creating a welcoming environment where our highly trained stylists, committed to regular training and with extensive experience, deliver high-quality work. Our culture emphasizes teamwork, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience for our clients, fostering bonds within a laid-back yet upscale atmosphere.

Best Hair Salon & Spa in Clifton Park, NY

Meet Our Owners

Cailyn - hair specialist - founder of ambiance Salon in Clifton Park, NY


I’ve been in the industry for 21 years and have always wanted to do hair because I love being creative, fashion, and art. I started doing hair in my parents’ kitchen at 15 and later pursued formal education, spending 2 years at Hudson Valley before attending The Olro. I’ve worked in 2 salons and in 2008, opened Ambiance with Brooke and Carrie. My education includes advanced cutting at Toni and Guy, becoming a Goldwell color specialist, Great Lengths extensions, 12 years of color education at Goldwell Academy in New York City, California, and Mexico, hand-tied extension training with Habit Hair extension method, coloring and social media education with Jaye Edwards, and advanced wedding and updo classes. I have been Married to my husband Mark for 11 years, we have two kids, Emme (9) and Jake (6). I was originally a tomboy in school, I enjoy traveling, working out, reading, and cooking in my free time.

Brooke - hair specialist - founder of ambiance Salon in Clifton Park, NY


I have wanted to do hair since I was 5. I used to play with my mom’s friends’ hair in the kitchen when they would visit (cause my mom never liked her hair played with!) I also used to set up a desk with phone and pretend appointment book to play “hair salon”. I started doing hair at the age of 18 and I have now been behind the chair for 28 years. I started doing nails while I was in school. I wanted to open a salon to help nurture creative development with like-minded stylists in a relaxed welcoming environment. I have 1 daughter named Mia who’s now 15. We would actually bring her with us when we looked at spaces to open a salon. She was only 4 months old when we opened. I met my husband Cory when we were kids. We started dating when we were 20 and we will be married for 20 years in May, 2024.

Carrie - hair specialist - founder of ambiance Salon in Clifton Park, NY


I graduated from The Orlo in 1996. I did hair until 2004 and became a stay at home mom. My daughter Jillian, who’s now 20 and just graduated from The Orlo and is working at the salon, and my daughter Taylor who’s 17 and in her senior year of high school. I am childhood sweethearts with my Husband George and we have now been together for 32 years. I received a call from Brooke in 2008 asking if I’d consider joining her and Cailyn in opening the salon! I decided it would fit better for my family if I didn’t commit to a clientele and handled the business side of things. In my free time, I enjoy working out with my daughters, walking, cooking family dinners, baking, going out to dinners, being with our friends. I can’t forget to mention how I adore our puppy Ellie!

We Believe

Ambiance Salon is dedicated to blending unparalleled beauty

services with a nurturing community, fostering a culture of

continuous innovation, teamwork, and luxury comfort, aiming to

redefine the salon experience and empower clients and

stylists alike in a welcoming, upscale environment.