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Our Hair Salon Services in Clifton Park, NY

Stylish & Healthy Hair

Personalized Experience

Every service at Ambiance Salon is tailored to the individual’s style, needs, and preferences, ensuring a bespoke beauty journey.

High-Quality & Expertise

Ambiance Salon prides itself on delivering exceptional quality through the use of premium products and the unparalleled expertise of our highly trained stylists.

Welcoming & Comfortable Atmosphere

Our salon offers a warm, inviting environment where clients feel at ease to relax and enjoy their beauty transformations.


Hair Coloring Services

Our color services offer a spectrum of possibilities, from subtle highlights to complete color transformations. Using premium, gentle formulas, our color experts can achieve any look you desire, ensuring vibrant, lasting results. Whether you’re seeking the natural luminance of balayage, the precision of foils, or a bold new hue, our team works meticulously to create the perfect shade that enhances your natural beauty.


Cutting & Styling

At Ambiance Salon, our hair cutting and styling services are more than just a trim or a blow-dry; they’re a transformation. Tailored to each client’s unique features and personal style, our expert stylists utilize the latest techniques and trends to create the perfect look. From classic cuts to modern styles, sleek blowouts to intricate updos, we ensure every client leaves feeling refreshed, confident, and radiant.


Technical Services

Technical services at Ambiance Salon encompass a range of specialized treatments designed to improve the health and appearance of your hair. From restoring treatments like Olaplex and B3 bond builders to texturizing services such as perms, our stylists possess the expertise to address specific hair needs. Women’s, men’s, and children’s haircuts are crafted with precision, ensuring each client receives a look that reflects their individuality and style.



Our extension services in Clifton Park, NY provide instant volume, length, or fullness, transforming your hair into your most stunning accessory. We offer a variety of high-quality extension options, including bonded, beaded row, and tape-in, all applied with meticulous care to blend seamlessly with your natural hair. A personalized consultation ensures the perfect match and style, elevating your look with natural, beautiful results.



Ambiance Salon’s styling services cater to every occasion, from everyday elegance to special events. Our stylists excel in creating looks that range from beautifully simple blow-drys to elaborate formal upstyles and everything in between. Heat tool styling and Brazilian blowouts add the finishing touches, ensuring your hair not only looks fabulous but feels healthy and vibrant.


Nails & Waxing

Our comprehensive nails and waxing services provide the perfect complement to your beauty routine. From manicures and pedicures to gel and dip powder nails, our nail technicians use the highest quality products to ensure a flawless finish. Our gentle waxing services offer smooth results, completing your look with precision and care. At Ambiance Salon, every detail is considered, making every visit a luxurious experience from head to toe.