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Meet Amy

I’ve been in the beauty industry for 17 years, finding my true calling not in the classroom as a teacher, but in the salon making people feel good about themselves. It all started when I was getting my hair done and a conversation about beauty school sparked my interest—everything just clicked from there.

Expertise in Hairstyling Service and Education

Since graduating from Orlo in 2006, I’ve pursued almost every continuing education opportunity Goldwell offers. I’ve taken multiple KMS classes, Deva curl cutting classes, and attended various Academy classes in Baltimore, NYC, and California, including IQ cutting class and color specialist courses. My passion for teaching found its true outlet, not in traditional education but in helping others learn the best ways to style and care for their hair.


From my first day in cosmetology school, I knew I had found my path. The skills came naturally to me, and I quickly learned that helping others through my work was my way of making a positive impact in the world. Over the years, I’ve combined my love for beauty with my innate desire to educate, making every salon visit an opportunity for both transformation and learning.

A Little About Me

I’m married to an amazing man—we eloped in Key West, Florida. I love to travel; I even took a solo 14-day trip to Africa, where I safaried through Kenya and Tanzania. At home, I equally enjoy watching trashy reality TV and diving into historical period shows. Above all, I’m a proud mama to the most incredible little boy!

Why Choose Me for Your Hair Care at Ambiance Salon in Clifton Park, NY

With extensive training and a natural affinity for teaching, I bring a unique blend of expertise and personal care to each client. Whether you’re looking for a fresh cut, a new color, or just some good advice on how to manage your hair, I’m here to help. You’ll leave not only looking better but also with a better understanding of how to maintain your look.

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